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I met recently with Annaleigh (aka Annie) Sturmann and Kirsty Lissa owners of Loaf Kitchen ✅ and asked them some questions about their Cafe established 9 months in Stanwell Park.

Business name & how did it come about? LOAF Kitchen. This is the sister store to our first shop, LOAF Sandwiches, in Cronulla. LOAF Kitchen came about quite quickly, we saw the shop for sale, and we jumped on it. We've both spent a lot of time in at the previous cafe and loved the area. We kept the LOAF name, but LOAF Kitchen is a little different to our shop in Cronulla. It has more of a cafe style menu and is licensed.

How did your business partnership evolve? I was lucky enough to employ Kirsty shortly after starting LOAF Sandwiches when it looked like the right move to expand and take the next step with the business Kirsty came in as a partner.  

Annie & Kirsty’s background? Before opening LOAF Kitchen last year, both Kirsty and I had been running our Cronulla location. Kirsty’s background has always been in hospitality, she’s worked everywhere from coffee shops to bars and catering companies. I (Annie) have a marketing and business background, but I've grown up working in Cafe's, restaurants and bars.

What inspired you to start this business? To be honest, it was a bit of a fluke. After travelling and deciding I wanted a career change from marketing and PR, I started working in a small sandwich shop down in Cronulla. That shop didn't last long, but we realised there was a gap in the market, so LOAF was born. Then last year the shop in Stanwell Park came up, so we went for it.

Best describe your business? LOAF Kitchen is a locally owned cafe specialising in gourmet sandwiches, delicious breakfast options and locally roasted coffee.

Summary of services offered if any; LOAF caters for everyone's brekky + lunch (weird and wonderful dietary requirements included), there's an impressive outdoor courtyard with kids, and during the warmer months, we open for Friday night dinners. The best part is we're licensed :)

Summary of products sold; Brekky items, gourmet sandwiches, salads, locally roasted coffee, fresh juices + yummy baking made in-store or made at home by Annie's mum (hot tip- get your hands on mum's carrot cake, customers are always saying it's the best they have ever tried! :)

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