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I met recently with Dani and Sam Murphy owners of Hargrave Cafe ✅ for the past 15 months and asked them both some questions about their cafe established over 3 years in Stanwell Park

Business name & how did it come about? Hargrave Cafe is based on the road Lawrence Hargrave Drive

How did your business partnership evolve? We're married and went into business together.

Sam’s background? I am an Aussie Boy, born and bread in Byron Bay. Moved in my late teens to Townsville, Queensland to work with a Not for Profit, YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Townsville. An organisation that does community work, youth work, VET training and gives medical aid to people in Papua New Guinea. I've also done lots of building/carpentry work in the past.

Dani’s background? I was born in Canada and came to Australia 7 years ago. I work with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Townsville as well, and that's where I met Sam. We married in 2014 and moved to Coalcliff in 2016. Dani also works as a social worker for homeless men in Sydney, when not at the cafe.

What inspired you to take over this business? We have always had a desire to run our own business. We saw this opportunity to come up and didn't want to miss out. We saw there was a lot of room to grow the cafe and we felt we could take it to the next level. We love interacting with the community and saw this a great way to get to know the locals as well.

Best describe your business; Small family owned cafe. Here for the locals.

Summary of products sold;  Rueben Hills Coffee, All Day breakfast, Lunch, Smoothies, Milkshakes, freshly baked goods daily.

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