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I met recently with Peter & Amanda George owners of Stanwell Park Cellars ✅ for the past 3 years and asked Peter some questions about their Bottle Shop established for over 15 years in Stanwell Park.

Peter's background? I worked in IT for over 30 years. Started out initially as a computer programmer working for one of the horse racing clubs in Sydney, developing systems written primarily in COBOL to support the administration of the racing club. I completed a Bachelor of Business degree part-time from the UTS during this time. I eventually moved on to work for several large multi-national organisations including Pepsico,  Oracle and McDonald's, eventually progressing into Program Management. After moving to the beautiful Illawarra 12 years ago, I managed to secure a Project Management position at the University of Wollongong which I held for 5 years before deciding on a different path and purchasing Stanwell Park Cellars to own and operate. My only real experience within the liquor industry was 12 months spent as a 19-year-old pulling beer behind the bar in a pub, but throughout my IT career, I was able to learn plenty about business and meeting the needs of customers.

What inspired you to take over this business? A desire to try something new after 30 years in one field, combined with a desire to be my own boss.

Best describe your business;  Packaged Liquor Retailer.

Summary of services offered if any; Open 7 days a week liquor retail.

Summary of products sold;  Most alcohol-based products including wine, beer and spirits, We also sell associated products such as snacks. ICE, milk and mixers.
Do you live locally to your business? We live within 10 minutes of Stanwell Park in Coledale.

As a local business, we appreciate the fact that our business has been well supported by the wonderful people living in Stanwell Park and surrounding towns.

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More information: Stanwell Park Cellars