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I met recently with John Vander owner of Articles Fine Art Gallery ✅ and asked him some questions about his Art Gallery established for over 39 years in Stanwell Park.

Articles Fine Art Gallery the name, how did it come about? It seemed like a good name at the time!

Your background? I grew up in the 'pays noir' (black country) of Belgium. I began to paint at a young age, and I remember making a name for myself with my finger painting in kindergarten. My parents bought me my first set of oils at 15 and a couple of lessons this awoke in me the consuming passion that has dominated my life since.  As a teenager, I was inspired by the works of Belgium artists Paulus, Magritt and Delvaux. With the necessity to make money I found myself working as an accountant. At the age of 21, my life was interrupted with compulsory military service I served as an officer & instructor in the royal Belgium Air Force.

I came to Australia in 1969 and began to paint professionally in 1976. Through my unique self-taught style, painting my impressions of historical Australia, over the years I've become renowned as one of Australia's top-selling artists. I've won many prestigious awards: Opera House Art Award, The Fred Robert's Armidale Award and the Rotary of Kogarah Award.

What inspired you to start this gallery? Stanwell Park region itself is one that translates well into artistic expression. Dominated by the  Illawarra escarpment on one side and a sweep of coastline on the other. Stanwell Park is one of the coasts most beautiful locations.  Historically, the gallery is located on the site of a boarding/guest house called “Stanwell House” built in 1908. The establishment had 20 rooms and could accommodate 50 guests.  In the 1900’s it attracted many visitors and later became one of the first motel sites in the area. When we purchased the property in 1980 it was being run like a supermarket/take away food and bottle shop.  We closed the businesses and started our “dream”. Articles Fine Art Gallery was born. From humble beginnings and with the support of many artists and craftspeople, the gallery grew rapidly.

Best describe your business? The Art Gallery features a superb collection of paintings by some of Australia ‘s well-known Artists as well as ceramics, sculptures, crafts, homewares and of course a large selection of my own work.

Summary of services offered and products sold; Sales of Artworks for collections and decoration, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, various crafts and homewares mainly produced in Australia.

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